Botanical Garden in Zagreb

Botanical Garden in Zagreb is a large, English-style garden created in 1890 by Antun Heinz. The garden, covering an area of 50.000 sq meters, is an oasis of tranquility in which to escape the bustle of the town, and for this reason it is a popular place in which to stroll. There are about 10.000 plant species here, including around 1.800 tropical plants from all over the world, with Asia particularly well represented.

Botanical Garden Zagreb

Zagreb Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Zagreb

Kumrovec – Birthplace of Marshal Tito

Kumrovec was the birthplace of Marshal Tito, born Josip Broz in 1892. His house was turned into a museum in 1953. We can see the furniture and household goods which belonged to his family. In the square in front of the house is a monument to Tito. Along with other village houses, Tito’s birthplace is now part of a folk museum, the Ethnological Museum – Staro Selo, which means old village. The houses are furnished with household goods and utensils of the time.

Kumrovec Staro Selo Museum


Kumrovec Museum


Vrsar is a picturesque coastal town in Istria, Croatia. From Porec is just nine kilometers away. The inhabitants are mostly fishermen and winegrowers. Before the coast is a line of green islets. On the nearby hills are remains of Illyrian castles. From Roman settlement Usaria are traces in the port and its surroundings. From the Middle Ages have preserved the western town gates. Along them is the Church of St. Mary of the Sea, which is one of the most valuable Istrian Romanesque buildings.


Vrsar Town Gates

Vrsar - Church of St. Mary of the Sea

Vrsar - Marina